Salesforce Advisory

Are you getting the maximum value out of your investment in Salesforce?

Would you like an independent review of your current implementation to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meeting your business requirements?

Cache Group offers a range of Salesforce advisory services to assist.

Salesforce Implementation Review:

The Cache Group Salesforce Implementation Review examines your business requirements and processes and then reviews your existing Salesforce implementation.

The Implementation Review then determines the steps required to ensure that your Salesforce implementation meets those business requirements and allows you to unlock the value that Salesforce can bring to your business.

Salesforce Strategy and Governance:

Once your Salesforce implementation has been fine-tuned for your business, how do you ensure that you continue to get ongoing value?

Cache Group will design, implement and run your Salesforce Strategy and Governance program to assist you with keeping your use of Salesforce aligned with your ongoing and ever-changing requirements.

Lightning Migration Assessment and Conversion:

Lightning is the new architecture and user interface for Salesforce.

Many organisations are unsure how to proceed with converting their existing ("Classic") implementations to Lightning.

Cache Group can run an assessment to see how ready your implementation is for Lightning. We will also provide an actionable implementation plan for your upcoming conversion.

When you're ready to make the transition, Cache Group can assist you through the process to ensure that it is as seamless as possible.