Project Management

Enterprise project assessments

Cache Group's team of programme and project managers can help you understand your current projects are help you get them under control.
We will assist you to prioritise your projects, usually using the criteria of: biggest impact to you, highest cost, most out-of-control.
Where we find projects are not recoverable, we will recommend rationalisation to ensure that you don't continue to throw "good money after bad".

Project Review

Your highest priority projects will be subjected to a detailed review process, focusing on identifying potential budget over-runs and schedule delays.
We will help you deliver these projects, using best-practice methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and PMBoK.
Finally, we will help you ingrain these best-practice approaches to your staff to ensure that future projects continue to be managed effectively. 

Provider assessments

The vast majority of projects these days involve external providers.
Particularly with large and multi-phase projects, the services and products delivered by these providers can diverge from your intent.
Cache Group assesses these external providers to ensure that they are firstly, delivering what they have contracted to deliver and secondly, providing the services and products that you need.
We provide you with the information required to make decisions about your ongoing relationship with your external providers.

Programme Management Offices

Most organisations that run successful projects these days do so through a Programme Management Office.
This brings together the management of all your projects into one group and allows management to understand the status of those projects.
It also allows for the concentration of project specialists to ensure that projects are managed consistently.

Cache Group will help you establish and run your Programme Management Office to ensure that your current projects are brought under control and that future ones continue to be managed successfully.