Cloud Advisory Services

Cache Group provides its clients with independent, thought-leading advice on the cloud.

It has four primary offerings to help you answer the following questions on your journey to the cloud:

Cloud Strategy:

Normally the first step. It addresses the following:

A successful cloud strategy requires buy-in from key stakeholders across the financial, line-of-business and technology parts of the organisation.
Developing a cloud strategy requires one of our cloud advisors working one-on-one with your designated point of contact.

Cloud Feasibility Study:

The second step. It provides the substance for your cloud strategy and allows you to put together a preliminary business case.

The Cloud Feasibility Study typically takes 1-2 weeks and includes workshops, 1:1 interviews and documentation reviews.

Workload Assessments:

Now that you've decided to move to the cloud, which of your workloads can move?

The Workload Assessment is a technical review of your current workloads to match them against your target cloud environment.
It examines your application portfolio, storage requirements, network demands and existing virtual and physical machines.
Once that information has been gathered, it identifies those workloads that can move immediately, those that could move with some modifications and finally, those that shouldn't move at present.
It then identifies migration sequences and any technical roadblocks that need to be overcome before moving your organisation to the cloud.

The Workload Assessment typically takes 4-8 weeks depending on the size and level of complexity of your organisation.

Cloud Implementation:

Cache Group can assist with all stages of cloud implementation, including: